Sample Preparation

SPE POLYSorb Cartridges & Bulk PS/DVB Polymer

Concise Separations bulk polymer has been used in sample prep devices for decades.  We offer our own POLYSorb line of easy to use SPE Cartridges.  All of Concise Separations’ polymer is available in bulk quantities.


  • Unmodified Polystyrene Divinylbenzene (PS/DVB)- Macroporous
  • Alkylated PS/DVB
  • Sulfonated PS/DVB
  • 100g or 400g tubes available

Guard Disc Technology

Our PS/DVB packing embedded in a thin membrane offers the advantages of sample prep but without Sample Loss.  We have created two designs

  • AN Guard Disc that can be incorporated into our IC Line of columns and
  • Analytical Guard Disc can be used with or without a HPLC column


  • AN Guard Disc simulates replacing the top mm of IC polymer bed
  • (AN1, AN1SC, AN2, AN300B, AN1HS & AN300BHS)
  • Both C18A & C18B
  •  C8
  • SDVB (styrene diviylbenzene)
  • Anion Exchange
  • Strong Cation Exchange
  • Direct Holders (both Parker & Waters type)
  • Universal Holder (female end fittings)

Other Focuses